Aircraft maintenance

The company’s fully equipped hangar and workshop cover all aspects of maintenance, and carry approvals for South Africa, Malawi and Zambia CAAs. It offers specialised test and balancing equipment for propeller and engine maintenance, a Chadwick test and calibration rig for all turbine instruments and gauges as well as aircraft weighing equipment.

The workshop operates with a highly trained, experienced and motivated team of engineers, mechanics, apprentices and assistants who between them have many years of experience in General Aviation as well as agricultural aircraft maintenance including refurbishing, rebuilding and aircraft modification. Most employees attend regular factory approved training courses both locally as well as in foreign countries.

Routine maintenance covers all scheduled maintenance in the workshop as well as in the field, throughout Southern Africa. The company has an approved mobile workshop, which enables them to offer the same ‘on base’ service in the field.
The refurbishing and rebuild section completely rebuilds aircraft that have either been recovered from accidents or are rebuilt from the data plate forward. Highly qualified and dedicated employees undertake all paint work as well as the re-spraying of aircraft on the premises. Modifications are developed to improve agricultural spraying and fire fighting systems including engine retrofit conversions from piston powered to turbine powered planes utilising either Pratt & Whitney PT6, Walter or Garret TPE331 turbo prop engines.

As the only official Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO) for LET aircraft in Africa the company handles scheduled maintenance that is required on these types.



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